Illustrated White Cats

Past Commissions

Here, you can take a peek of a few of the commissions we have thoroughly enjoyed creating for our clients!


Family Home Illustration

Spottiswoode House

Illustrated by Bambe, for a wonderful woman - it was a secret Christmas gift for her parents. This was one of Bambe's favourite projects. 


Buzzy's 30th

Illustrated by Bambe, this was a personalised memory print created for a client's best friend. It includes their sharted memories and Buzzy's favourite landmarks that she has travelled to.



Acrylic on Canvas

This STUNNING mixed media piece was created by YSMM.

Her inspiration for this piece was - you guessed it - auras, spiritual freedom and transparency. 

A Moment In Time

Phoebe & Angus

Illustrated in her signature continuous line style, Bambe used photographs from her client to create a beautiful 'forever memory'. This style is a very popular commission request and clients have even gone as far to have their illustrations tattooed on themselves! 


Loving Myself

A Valentine's Gift

Very similar to the commission style above, Bambe used her signature line illustration to create a fun, sexy and beautiful final piece for her client.

This was such a fun an empowering project. And what a heartfelt and cheeky gift to give your partner, right?!


*Her client has given permission to show this piece.