Product Illustration

Whether you are an established or start-up business, selling garments, homeware, shoes or accessories - We are excited to help give your vision a unique look.

We have created hundreds of product and garment illustrations for well established businesses, our most recognised being the amazing BLACK & BARN.

these are especially useful for your brand aesthetic and meetings with potential clients/investors. 



Are you a fashion brand? 

Do you have the idea but can't put it to paper? 

Or do you need your designs illustrated to a high standard? Whatever it may be, we are here to make the process easy peasy lemon squeezy.

If this is the service you are after, use our contact form to send an enquiry.

Homeware & Accessories

Homeware or Accessories brand? 

Say no more. We've got your back! 

We can even design the designs to go ON your products, A+ for efficiency (imagine us looking smug here).

*Send enquiries through our contact form if this is the service you are wanting. 


Back To Basics

Just wanting simple, easy to understand designs? 

Maybe you're just starting out or wanting the Back To Basics designs to show your staff - this is the most affordable design service to go for. 


Are you a designer? Or a brand that creates personalised products? 

We are your secret weapon - We offer a private design service. This includes us digitally illustrating clip art/graphic designs EXCLUSIVE to you and your brand. How's that for standing out from the crowd, huh? 

*Please note that this style illustration (photo example) is exclusive to Black & Barn.