Bambës Book Illustration Portfolio

Bambe has been illustrating her whole life, even as a toddler, she would sit on her mum's lap and paint the bottom of her mum's canvas (oops). It wasn't until she fell pregnant herself that she found an eternal inspiration for illustrating children's books. 


Mudpies & Butterflies

After receiving a chance message via Facebook, Bambe connected with the Author of Mudpies & Butterflies instantly. They shared the same vision of bringing magic and fun into every page. 

You can find the book here.

Lynx & The Rotten Girl

Proof is in the pudding, here. How rotten does that girl look to poor old Lynx? 

Find the book here.


Tux The Husky

An adorable story written by this little baby's father. This story is from the point of view of Tux and how he felt when his 'humans' introduced a baby into their family.

Find the book here.

Sunday's Sandcastle

One of Bambe's favourite book's to illustrate. Follow Rosie's adventure across Balboa to help find a baby pelican's mumma. Written by Mary, this book also educates children in the ever popular Montessori way.

You can find the book here.