We are a wacky family full of creatives and free thinkers. 

Based in Bicester, Oxfordshire - Our Studio Roots started off as Pusscat Illustrations and was run by YSMM (most commonly known as ‘Sha’) a beautifully enriching and calming illustrator.


In no time, the business kicked off but soon had to slow down due to Sha having her first (and favourite) child,

followed by three other (tolerable) children. As her children grew, Sha decided to homeschool the three youngest boys so put her business on the back burners until the cooler two of the four children, known as Gabe & Bambe, proved to be very artistic and joined her team, thus, creating Our Studio Roots.

We combine our mutual love for nature, simplicity and spirituality to create unique, powerful and calming Fine Art, Handmade Crafts, Children’s Book Illustrations and Digital Designs. 

We hope you connect with our work the way we do!

- Bambe xoxo